Social Media Marketing

Social media has proved to be more than a passing fad, and shows no signs of slowing down. Further compounding matters is the plethora of social media sites that keep springing up, aimed at catering to the unique needs of specific audiences. From Instagram and Snapchat, to Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter, social media has truly reshaped how people interact with each other, and more importantly, how they interact with brands.

Most small and large enterprises across the globe who have embraced social media marketing as a part of their digital strategy, attest to the positive impact it has had on their customer service, satisfaction & retention. While the marketing opportunities for brands are plentiful, navigating this turbulent and ever-changing landscape can be very daunting. We understand; and we can help. Social media marketing for us is more than growing your following and boosting your engagement. Working with you we:


– build a clear consumer portrait that informs our communication & targeting strategy.

– develop captivating content that drives user interaction & the achievement of key marketing objectives.

– track business outcomes to ensure our tactics are continually optimised for maximum ROI.

Service Breakdown

Social Media Audit

Social Media Strategy

Paid Advertising Campaigns

Social Competitor Intelligence

Target Audience Profiling

Community Management

Social Media Creative Design

Social Analytics & Reporting

Let’s talk about what social media can do for you.