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Display Advertising

The staggering number of websites that exist today has created a huge potential to reach specific audiences with relevant ads. Display advertising provides brands with a simple, cost-effective way to advertise on millions of high-quality news pages, topic-specific websites, video sites and blogs. These websites are part of a ‘Display Network’ like the Google Display Network, and they provide advertising space where you can place your ads.

Advertisers can deploy a range of ad formats including text, image, & video for a display advertising campaign to reach audiences. You also have the flexibility of choosing specific websites or specific groups of websites e.g. music or sports website to place your ads on, and this makes them more contextually-relevant for consumers, resulting in greater engagement and conversion.

However, executing a successful display advertising campaign requires more than simply a great looking banner on relevant websites. This is why our display advertising experts work with you to first and foremost understand what your advertising objectives are: Is it to build awareness, drive consideration, trial or purchases? Do we want to generate leads, or we want to build brand recall? Are we targeting existing customers to upsell them on other product ranges, or we want to reach new audiences? What would your business define as a conversion? Is it a purchase, a download of an online brochure or simply a request for more information?

Answers to the above questions helps us formulate a display advertising strategy that enables your brand to reach consumers at the ‘zero moment of truth’ when they will be most receptive to your ads, and consequently take actions that result in the achievement of your marketing & business objectives.

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